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The decorative week: Christmas decoration is here

On this December bridge, we are many who year after year, decorate our house to receive Christmas. These are special dates, where we can stop before diving fully into the Christmas madness of food, family, travel, luggage ... and enjoy at home the special of these dates.

If you have children, in addition, decorating the house becomes something really special. Making DIY ornaments with them and combining them with other items purchased, or things we have from previous years, creates very personal atmospheres and endearing decorations that we will keep for years. From experience I say to you, that it doesn't matter the finish of those figurines made by our kids: they are the most special of our tree. Let's see a MIX of ideas to decorate the Christmas house You will surely be as good as me.

The selection of best purchases

If we are determined to renew our Christmas decorations, or simply want to increase the collection, Chejo, from The Blue Bike, makes us a phenomenal selection of Christmas products at a good price. Stores like Söstrene Greene, or Tiger, are very well stocked with cool products at a phenomenal price. In addition, not all Christmas is Nordic style, and in its stores, we can find ornaments that will be phenomenal with almost any type of decoration.

The inspiring house

If this Christmas we are lacking ideas to decorate the house, Agnes. from Deco Boho Chic, we propose a beautiful house, decorated with great care, and with delicate and different Christmas touches, which I loved. Of course, there are still things that may surprise us, even in this type of decoration, where everything is more than seen. Beautiful, right?

For the crazy people of total black & White

It is one of my favorite decorative binomials and that of many Nordic decoration fans. A black and white house with Christmas touches can be as cozy as one that is decorated in a more traditional way. Amaya, from Home Personal Shopper, tell us how in your blog.

Details in all styles

And if you are one of those who like to mix, you don't like the Nordic purist DECO so much, and you fancy ornaments in other styles, Anabel of Acotío Decó He brings us in his last post 6 different ways to present a Christmas table. Inspiring photographs, full of good taste and Christmas touch.

Christmas DIY

As I said just at the beginning of the post, Christmas is a special time if there are children at home. They are crazy about crafts and, although many times we are lazy to get down to work, they always look forward to it. May, from La Garbatella, he proposes 15 DIY for this Christmas really simple, resultones and that the kids will rechifla. Quality timeshare

Really, this Christmas, more than ever, we can decorate our houses in different ways and, if we put a little imagination, low cost. There are many possibilities when it comes to raising Christmas decorations and, without a doubt, they are ideal dates to get involved a little and change the spaces at home, which in the end is a bit boring to have them always the same.

Y if you are not decorating at Christmas, but you like work with your hands and you want to do something different at home, I encourage you to try the theme of urban gardens, which are an option that I would love to have at home.

Happy Sunday.

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Video: BUDGET CHRISTMAS DECORATING. How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget! (March 2020).

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