Oriental style Christmas decoration

These days we see everywhere a lot of ideas to decorate at Christmas, some very similar to those of every year and others more original. In Decoesfera we are trying to break the molds a bit inspiring us, for Christmas decoration, in the styles of other countries.

We have already talked about Christmas decoration in British and Nordic style and today it is the turn of the oriental style, which is another of the most interesting and fashionable styles in these times. As we have already mentioned, there are many similarities in Christmas decoration of all styles, but there are always differential elements and characteristic features that can help us get closer to one style or another.

Use natural elements to decorate

We tend to decorate with many artificial things plastic balls, metal or fabric for the tree, garlands of LED lights and other man-made elements for Christmas. The oriental trend is generally more natural and that is why if we want to look for your style we must incorporate more elements of nature to our decoration.

They may be branches, aromatics, essences or flowers. In addition to decorating for the eyes, most will also decorate for smell and help us achieve a very pleasant atmosphere, so that the whole is more Christmas we can add some ties in red, in violet or silver, which will be perfect in our decoration.

Don't forget the candles

Just as decoration is natural, so is lighting in a way. The Candles are essential if we are going to decorate our house at Christmas following the oriental style. They will provide a very pleasant ambient light and a warmth that is much appreciated on these cold dates. On the table and in corners of the room, we can place candles in different places.

It incorporates oriental elements in the decoration

We can put the same tree and other things that are typical here adapting them a little to the tastes there and to mark more the oriental style, we can add oriental elements for everyday use to the decoration or to the table. If you have oriental-style tableware, for example, it can be perfect for Christmas Eve dinner or for Christmas food, also the lanterns, vases and oriental figures that you already have or can get, give them a leading place.

Dare with the red lanterns of Chinese New Year

I know that Chinese New Year does not match ours And that is a month later. But put to copy things from the decoration and so that it is noticed that the style that we have chosen is the oriental, in addition to other more general elements, I would copy them the red lanterns that will undoubtedly give our Christmas decoration a very characteristic touch.

Red can be a Perfect color for oriental style Christmas decoration, same as for the rest. In fact, red is a Christmas color in all countries without exception. But if you want something more original you can opt for gold and metallic tones in general or for lilac, purple and violet, which are a trend in many oriental decorations.

What do you say, do you dare with the oriental style at Christmas?


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