Nordic, sweet, soft and warm, this is the Christmas that Zara Home offers us

Halloween weekend is over for many, some of us still have the holiday today, but as of tomorrow no one will have an excuse not to start preparing Christmas to the fullest. The nougat is already in the supermarkets and in some other shopping center they have already put Christmas tree, I agree with you that it is somewhat exaggerated ... But it is what it is.

The fact is that all decoration firms are already presenting their collections for Christmas and I want to see what is there to buy what I like the most, it won't be that after I run out just what I wanted. And within the review of Christmas proposals, today it is the turn of what Zara Home It brings us for this year, with Nordic style, soft, warm and above all very sweet. Let's see it!

Soft and without overloading this is the Christmas decoration of Zara Home

Christmas decoration although every year surprise us with some novel idea always has its traditional point. There are things that are not missing every year among the Christmas decorations, in fact we keep them from one year to another and also add some new ... So The secret to getting beautiful environments is not to overload, as we see in Zara Home environments.

I love them among the balls for the Christmas tree, or to place where we want, the wool and the rattlesnake to contrast with the decorations of a lifetime.

Sweet Christmas triumphs at the table

The table is the main protagonist of the parties because around it all the most important celebrations take place. That's why the Zara Home lookbook also gives us a lot of ideas to set the table at Christmas and among the articles that suggest us for her we find crockery, glassware and a red tablecloth with white reindeer that has me totally in love.

Warm environments for a family Christmas

Most of you will spend Christmas in places where it is cold and that must be compensated with warm environments inside the house That make us feel very comfortable. For that there is the heating, obviously and for some privileged the chimney ... But there are also other elements that provide warmth such as blankets, hair cushions, carpets and in general many winter textile accessories. How beautiful also the Christmas cushion cover, I love it!

And above all very Nordic

As you have seen in the images and as you can see in many others that you can find on the Zara Home website, the style they propose is mainly Nordic. The truth is that it is one of the styles that best fit the concept of Christmas, its climate and the decorations of that time, that's why the sets are so ideal.

As you see? Is the Christmas spirit already invading you?

Video: Braided Nutella Bread Recipes - Nutella Stjerne Brød - BlumenBrot (January 2020).

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