The decoupage technique, a step by step DIY

A few months ago I told you that by trying out the Bosch PRIMO multi-sander, I had left a fruit drawer clean, clean and that I would see what I was doing with it, because I love the recycle decoration. For a long time it has served for my dwarves and their friends to sit on top with a cushion or put their feet in the gatherings of the long summer afternoons, but finally I have found the perfect technique to decorate it:he decoupage.

I'm going to put the steps to get you an old fruit crate It has become another ornament on my terrace.

Step 1

I refer to the post of the multi-sander so you can see that you have to remove the splinters well and clean and sand Consciously any drawer, pallet or wooden board of waste materials, since they usually have splinters and a lot of dirt. Once this is done, what is interesting is to nourish the wood. You can give a layer of cooked flaxseed oil and there will be a honey tone, which is how the drawer has been on my terrace during all this time.

Step 2

We give you a hand of cappers and choose the shade of the paint. In this case, it had traces of a mint green or mint of American Chalky, or what is the same of American brand chalk paint, so I went to buy the glue / varnish of the same brand. It is a glue that waterproofs and sticks and seals. Then came the arduous task of choosing the rice paper.

One tip: don't go with the family. They didn't kick us out of the craft store casually. In the end we chose a paper that everyone liked and was perfect with the tone of the drawer.

Step 3

We carefully give the varnish glue to the box and put the rice paper sheet on it very carefully so that no bubbles or wrinkles. I must admit that being so well sanded the drawer this part was much simpler than I expected, in addition rice paper so thin is tremendously resistant, so carefully but without complications. Then we varnish on the rice paper, giving layers every 20 or 25 minutes to allow time for the previous layer to dry.

It is also convenient to give the rest of the drawer a layer and so we waterproof whole, especially if it will be outdoors. Once dry, it only remains to look for a place where it looks.

Step 4

A warning, if you prefer that you DIY don't shine, do not forget to buy the matt varnish, mine was bright and for an outdoor drawer there was a tacky tad, so I had to give him a hand of wax to kill the shine. However, if it is for a box to store the jewelry, the remote control of the TV or something similar inside the house, or even a tray, it is more beautiful that it shines a little.

I think The next step of decoupage technique is to do it with paper napkins With cool prints. My first attempt has been a notebook with some napkins of paisley print I bought in A-Typical the day of the Christmas presentation (I already told you that something always "falls"). But the paper has run a little in the corners, so I see that I will have to improve to put less varnish / glue than rice paper.

Anyway, next week the DIY Show is held in Madrid and as I never miss it I hope to find new and better priced rice paper models.

Do you dare with the technique of decoupage?

Video: DIY 3 Decoupage Techniques Good for beginners or Intermediates! (January 2020).

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