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5 Christmas markets not to get lost on the December bridge

We finished the month of December with an eye on the bridge of the Constitution. An ideal bridge to make trips to European cities in which to enjoy the lights and the typical atmosphere of these dates, and of course, to visit the Christmas markets that expand throughout the Old Continent (Only in Germany more than 2,500 markets are mounted) and in which we can buy ornaments to decorate the house and the tree.

Ornaments that we keep, that give flavor to our house at Christmas, and that help us remember those trips and those happy moments that we have spent decorating the tree every December. Therefore, today we bring you Five Christmas markets that you can't miss during the month of December in different European cities.

The Nuremberg Flea Market

How many have visited it, They say that Nuremberg is the most beautiful market in Europe. It is located in the central Rathausplatz, and sinks its origins in the distant seventeenth century. Its stalls offer lovely objects of decoration, crafts and sweets (you should not miss trying heart-shaped cookies called lebkuchenherz).

Prague Christmas Market

Prague is a fascinating city to go at any time of the year, but above all, there are two moments of the year that I love. Easter, with all the typical decoration of Central Europe of those dates, and that of things to bring home with motifs of rabbits, ducks and other signs of Easter, and Christmas. A time when the entire city is adorned, with two epicenters around which life revolves, Wenceslas Square, and Old Square.

In the Old Square, in addition to dozens of stalls in which to find Christmas decoration and crafts, from toys to the precious ones crystal pieces for which this country is famous, you will find an impressive Christmas tree brought from the mountains of the north of the country to dress this point of the Czech capital.

Strasbourg, Christmas City

A little closer than Prague catches us Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas. The entire city is transformed to receive the thousands of visitors who come to this French town to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. At nightfall, the magic of light invades its streets and squares, and in particular, its Christmas Market.

This considered the oldest in France, since its origins date back to the 16th century, and it extends through several streets and squares of the city center, especially around Broglie Square and the Cathedral Square, with hundreds of merchants ready to offer us objects to dress the tree, the Bethlehem, to make a gift, and of course, to delight us with the gastronomic specialties of these dates and to get warm with the mulled wine.

Cologne Market

He Cologne Christmas Market It dates from 1820, and about 150 million visitors pass through its more than 150 positions each year. Visitors who can not help but be surprised with the 25-meter-tall spruce and more than 50,000 lights, and buy anything you can think of to decorate the house, from the famous 'nutcracker', to birth figures, traditional crafts or decoration of the most varied.

The Christkindlmarkt of Vienna

Coinciding with the first Sunday of Advent, the Vienna Rathausplatz, or what is the same, the Town Hall Square, inaugurates the "Christkindlmarkt" Market. This advent market that lasts until December 24 goes back to the 18th century, and is chaired by the Austrian capital's City Hall and a gigantic Christmas tree, around which dozens of Christmas decoration stalls are located, Craft and gastronomy.

Photographs | Boris Tylevich, Priit Tammets, Boris Tylevich, Pug Girl, PROJordan Wilms, Roderick Eime
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