A children's or youth room to the last: create contrasts with the graphic style

If you are looking for an original and the latest decoration for your children's bedroom (from babies to teenagers), then do not miss the graphic style, it is the favorite decorative style of the moms that create trend. A new trend full of contrasts, drawings, fantasy and thousands of details Where everything is in black and white. But don't panic, it looks wonderfully good!

But if he look totally black and white You like it and yet you find it too daring, you can always choose to replace black with gray, and add a bright third color to give a cheerful touch, discover how to do it with these proposals of Leroy Merlin.

A white Nordic base

Although today we focus on children's and youth bedrooms, it is a decorative style that you can apply to any room in your home, and even throughout your apartment, from the bathrooms to the kitchen.

The graphic style is characterized in applying decorative elements on a white base Generally Nordic style, although it can also be applied on top of any decorative style.

We will start from a space with light or white wood paneling, and even some white wooden wall, ceiling or trench, with Scandinavian design furniture from the 50s and 70s in white.

You can too add touches in black to the base in a timely manner, it will be even more current and cozy. Such as putting a black lacquered rocker, wooden floors painted in glossy black, a trench or a black slate wall.

In black and white

In this style the simplest is to apply the color, it is a simple color palette based on flat colors in black and white or white and gray. Depending on your tastes you will apply more black or gray, however in general black is applied as a detail in the form of stamping on wall papers, textiles and sheets or vinyl on a white base.

The 'protas' are the illustrations and graphic prints

The highlights of the style are the geometric or graphic motifs applied in the prints, any motive serves: letters, crosses, hearts, icons, symbols of heroes ... Generally black on a white background on wall papers, cushions, baskets, curtains or sheets.

As the palette is very basic we can mix as many prints as we want. Do not use the same pattern for everything, for example put some black letters as a sculpture on a shelf, some ragdolls, some illustrations framed on the wall, some moles of vinyl in some drawers, some stars in a corner and a wall with a pattern of fir trees, yes, always predominantly black and white.

The illustrations are in fashion, and the simpler the better, place four or five framed or not, on the wall with graphic drawings of bears, rabbits, clouds, or posters with phrases, letters or numbers.

Decorate with textiles

The textiles must be very original, place a blanket of crosses on the bed, cushions with the name of your children, sheets of triangles and a gray or star-shaped striped or plain gray rug.

Another very funny idea is mix the bed linen prints, as for example, to place a star bed sheet, the mole quilt, the blanket with fir trees, a cushion with its name, others with a curl and striped pattern, with a cloud shape and a cloud pattern ... Original , true?

The cushions gain a great presence in this style, not only will we put them in bed, but we will decorate every corner of the space, in the rocking chair, on the carpet and in some corner as a play space. We already know that the kids go around the floor, so the more cushions the better.

Add your personal touch through the details

The details in this look they are very important, as we have said, we start from a very basic white and black base, and what we have to achieve is to add some life, for this we will resort to the complements, we will add many decorative elements.

Add a series of small dolls on the shelves, garlands hanging on the walls or on the ceiling, mobiles, plates, sculptures on the floor, rag dolls, cushions and curtains to create a reading corner.

Another way to customize the space is decorating all the walls with different designs, in one we will put a printed wall paper, in another we will paste very simple vinyls such as rhombuses, moles, stars, drops, clouds in an orderly or random way, the other paint it black or slate and leave a blank one where we will hang posters and illustrations .

Give it a touch of color

The black color had never been associated with the infantile world, which is always saturated with color, so you may find this combination strange, that you like but do not dare to apply it. A beautiful option is replace black with a light gray, it is very sweet and classic, although less current.

You can also add a touch of color in some details, so that the bedroom is not so monotonous. Add the color through different accessories, choose a bright and bright color, such as yellow, green, red, pink or turquoise. It is important to always use the same color.

So far this special child and youth so original, and remember that everything you need to make this space you will find on the website of Leroy Merlin: from painting walls, floor coverings and walls, wallpaper, funny vinyl , decorative accessories and furniture organizers, among many other things.

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