Is your partner kitchenettes? Marching one of gift ideas for Valentine

In the meantime disguise we hardly have time to think about what to buy from gift for our couple on Valentine's day and the truth is that there is nothing left, so we have nothing bad ideas. Beyond the chocolate hearts and all these cakes, for February 14 we can also choose a gift that fits tastes and hobbies of the person we want to have a detail with.

There are more and more people who dare to prepare their own dishes in the kitchen, between the crisis, the fashion of DIY, the programs of chefs on television ... There is a mixture of circumstances that makes the number of kitchens per building has been increasing considerably, so if you also know some here you have some ideas to give him.

To start we have a complete set of kitchen accessories, the Kitchen Essentials by Curver, which includes a bit of everything but that Galician and Galician could use us these days that are a non-stop making ears and pancakes. Meters, strainers, bowls for mixing ... Everything you need to prepare the best sweet and savory recipes.

Especially fun are the accessories of Animi Causa always, but these days they have surpassed themselves with some of their novelties. Between them Oiladdin that has the double function of cap and dispenser for oil bottles that do not have a dispenser on top. Inspired by Aladdin's wonderful lamp, it is clearly a fantastic invention.

Cooklet is something that I not only want but also need. It's about a support to place the mobile in the kitchen and to be able to see recipes comfortably in it and it can even be used to record the odd video that may accompany the explanation of a recipe.

Biscut is a dough cutter With a very funny, cookie form, it may not be so original, but it seems very simple in use and that is also appreciated, because you cut the dough with something like that in a minute and with perfect separations.

He yolk separator We had already seen it in an egg version, but now it is expanded with proposals inspired by other animals including the frog, in this case its name is Yolkfrog.

And what to say about Babu, a stick holder, that good ... useful, what is said useful I do not know if it will be, but grace has a long time. Continuing with oriental inspiration, the fakir sitting on sticks can be the perfect complement to the magic lamp-shaped oil dispenser.

And we end with one that I love, and it's the story The Princess and the Frog in tableware version, cup and plate created by Oh Granny inspired by the narration of one of the stories that comes to mind when we think of love.

I already notice from here that I like them all ... So if someone wants to give me something, who says February fourteen says any other day, he already has a lot of ideas to choose from. And to you, what would you like to be given?

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