7 keys to having a colorful and modern apartment

That if pink and red do not stick, black is not for children or bright colors are for children's bedrooms ... Let's put aside prejudices and preconceived ideas about decoration, and we will enjoy all the possibilities that color can give us .

From the hand of Leroy Merlin we propose 7 keys to having a colorful and modern apartment, with them you will get looks spectacular and you will give life to your spaces, while having a comfortable and beautiful home. Do not be afraid of uploaded colors.

The walls, your main allies

Add color to your walls is one of the most current trends of the moment, any interior design project with a look Modern, whether Nordic, urban, Bohemian, Mid-Century, industrial or Rough Luxe, use this resource to create your outfits.

And it gives a lot of play, there are endless possibilities, from painting a bright red dump (like the one in the image), to draw geometric figures in different pastel colors, paint ceiling and wall together in bubblegum pink or paint frames and shutters or doors in yellow.

The only two rules to succeed using color to decorate are: first not to abuse color and second, always combine it with neutral tones, based on white, gray or black in furniture, coverings and accessories, depending on the style we are looking for.

Color your floors

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, we can not only paint the walls, but we can also paint the floors and ceilings, or the doors, delimiting areas within the same space, dividing it by colors.

We will create a strip of bright color in which we will paint ceiling, wall and floor and the rest in white to divide the living room from the dining room or we will separate the bathroom area from the sink area in colors.

Another very current trend is to paint your wooden floors in colors, either in white, in black or more vivid and strident tones, like the one we see in this image, a beautiful kitchen in neutral tones and emerald green floor. It is a very resource used in urban and Nordic homes.

Hyper bright colors for neutral bases

Another basic rule to achieve this cool urban style is use very bright and flat colors, no textures, gradients or prints, in general it is about using blocks of very bright colors and applying them in two or three elements of your decoration.

If you have a modern or neo-rustic home with a base in neutral tones, and you would like to add a touch of color without breaking the harmony and tranquility that neutral colors provide, then it is best to incorporate the color through the details.

Uses vibrant tones, even neon, the brightest of the palette so that they contrast excessively with the rusticity and / or neutrality of these tones. In this image we see how they introduce a neon yellow into a neo-rustic home with wood and cement coverings, the result is fantastic.

Red, a color that never goes out of style

The warmest colors of the palette they can help you achieve that much desired comfort, red, the warmest of all, is undoubtedly the most used color throughout the history of decoration.

It's modern, it doesn't go out of style, it's cool and it will help you dress your home, combine it with white tones, and if you are looking for something more extreme with gray or black. Put it on a chair or upholster an armchair, you can also put it on the kitchen ceramic or paint a wall, but without abusing.

Upholstery in flat and bright colors

A very beautiful way to introduce color in your home is through the upholstery of your armchairs, sofas and armchairs. From turquoise, orange, mustard, emerald green, eggplant, red or yellow ... Choose the one you like best.

All these tones will look good in any decoration, as long as it has a neutral base. With this little change you will get to change the look of your living room. You can also use cushions, curtains and carpets to add color to the room.

Peach, mint and yellow, a perfect combination for Nordic homes

Or peach, mint and yellow, the sweetest and feminine color scheme of the moment, It is ideal for modern and Nordic homes, but where it is most used is in Mid-Century spaces, mixed with 50's designer furniture, lots of white and natural wood.

Eclectic bathroom in red and black

The possibilities of color are endless, even following the same rule you can get to make color mixtures with which you get totally different effects. The basic rule for adding color in modern homes consists of use flat tones in homes with neutral bases.

If we see it in an example we will understand it better, how different it is to combine red in your bathroom, as a detail, on a black neutral base (image above), than to mix yellow, which we see in the image of the next section, with the White or a clear base. One bath is eclectic and masculine and the other is sweeter and feminine.

Yellow and white, a bright and sweet duo

In this beautiful bathroom we see an example of how color can be used discreetly and vibrantly at the same time. They apply it on the wall and the cistern to create contrast with the color white of the wall and the toilet, they finish it with a vinyl, a rabbit and a plant, the result is wonderful and simple in equal parts.

Get a look elegant in your kitchen with eggplant

We end up in the kitchen, one of the most used spaces in the house. There are a thousand and one ways to add color in this space, through the wall tiles, on the floor, whether it is tile or painted wood (the trend of the moment), in household appliances, in furniture ...

Or in kitchen cabinets, as the example we see here. In this case we turn to eggplant color to achieve a look elegant and serious, although the glossy finish and the white color of the walls add the desired freshness and modernity.

The fundamental thing in all the projects we have seen is choose the right color combination, they will allow us to provide the style that we like most for each of the rooms. In addition, they will also guide us when buying furniture and other decorative elements. If you like the proposals, go ahead and get to it, you will find everything you need on the Leroy Merlin website.

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