Are you looking for a bold and charming decoration? Give a touch of Art Deco

Some trends In the past they have become fashionable again with even more force than they originally did. And among them, a style that offers us endless possibilities, the Art deco.

An artistic movement of the 20s that focused on architecture, furniture and jewelry, and had decorative features that still do not go unnoticed today. Reason for more to recover. We tell you how from the hand of Leroy Merlin.

Bet on geometric prints

One way to do it is by choosing geometric prints, since in this movement the symmetry and the defined lines were postulated as basic principles. You can add them in curtains, carpets, bedspreads, blankets or cushions, and even combining in the same room several elements, very typical at that time.

Mind you, keep in mind the dimensions of the room not to go over the line and end up recharging it. The primary colors - magenta, yellow, cyan- characteristic of this style, can help you not lose light.

A very special soil

Despite the carpets, do not overlook the floors and, if you have occasion, install a wooden one that has a industrial finish and that does not seem too treated, with the knots of wood in sight. Dark tones are ideal for large spaces.

Another very original option is to combine slats of different colors, even by zones. For example, as seen in the photograph, alternate three or four colors (two blue, one white and that of natural wood) and place them forming a geometric fabric. You will get a spectacular effect.

Turn wood and iron into your allies

As you have noticed, wood can become your ally when it comes to getting this Art Deco touch, but not only on the floor, but on tables, chairs and much more. Fill it with iron with the help of easels, a simple bookcase based on classic tubes, lamps and flexes in unusual places or in the frames of the paintings.

It is also possible to create a room divider with this material in the style of a window of an old factory. Combine both with copper, brass and similar tones to accentuate that vintage look So pretty and choose designs that will never go out of style. Wall accessories and handles are other accessories that will help you achieve your goal.

Evocative walls

For the walls, choose neutral tones in general and leave a wall to free your imagination. You can wallpaper one imitating the brick seen and the rest with geometric shapes. If you don't want to overdo it, choose one that plays with two basic colors like white and black.

Use the drawing to create impossible effects with the furniture. An idea would be to place a white shelving at an angle on a paper like the one shown in the photograph.

The paintings will also be very useful, with images of the time or geometric drawings, with iron or wood frames. There are even them with a very beautiful rust effect.

Applying to your home any of these ideas Art Deco surely you get a charming, daring, beautiful and elegant decoration. You will find everything you need to put them into practice on the Leroy Merlin website.

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