Seven decorative proposals for a successful wedding list

The good weather is approaching in almost the whole peninsula and although we are again immersed in another storm we hope that the spring time will arrive soon. With it comes the good atmosphere, going out and going in and great events, weddings and other celebrations.

When they invite us to a wedding, the first thing we think, apart from the clothing we will wear, in the possible gifts that can be made, and as there are times when ideas are found, today we bring you seven proposals to give to the bride and groom. If you are on the opposite side and you are one of those who marry we add these decorative propositions for a successful wedding list. Surely someone with good taste decides to give some of these presents.

Give away with retro touches

Lamps with retro touches, nowadays combine with many styles, the italian designs that we propose run by Sergio Mazza, a nod to the 70s. Its condition is excellent, but we must not forget that the passing of the years and the logical deterioration is the magic of vintage and antiques. It will be a very special gift, if the bride and groom really share this philosophy.

Rue vintage 74, Chioccio lamp 695 euros

For stylish houses

There are many signatures that can be used online to make a wedding gift, including Westwing, yes, it only supports purchases for members. This is the ideal occasion to give and become a member of an online sales page, with its own personality. A portal in which the elegance of your products They attract instantly and where to search and find what you need to decorate your home, or give away, is easier than you think. In passing, we discovered ideas and new inspirations To renovate the home.

Westwing, Limbo carpet from 39.99 to 115.99 euros

Spectacular gifts

Contour It is a bowl designed by Pentagon Design, the delicate design care of this piece made in various shades of glassplus your golden base, make it spectacular to look at and sophisticated in any space. Matching, we find other models of the same series with different shapes, for example, the contour vase, this one has a rounded base that offers stability for long and short stemmed flowers. An elegant and colorful decorative detail to give away this spring.

Nude Glass, Contour Bowl 359 euros Nude Glass, Vase Contour, 439 euros

Decorative seaweed, a very original gift

Vitra seaweed It is a module system designed for interior architecture and as a decorative element at the same time. Plastic parts represent marine plants, they can be concatenated forming network-like structures, getting to create with them, from a light curtain to a dense and impenetrable room divider.

Imagine a bathroom adorned with these injection molded seaweed will move the happy couple to heavenly environments. They can be purchased in packages of a pair. To get 1 meter of light net you need 25 algae, the same units that are sold in the game. The versatility of the piece reaches seven colors different to combine them in any room.

Naharro, Algues 69 euros

Tables well avenues

An auxiliary table is always well received, there is no house in which some auxiliary tables do not have an area to adapt and create a different space that by design allows them to move to taste. Of golden metal and crystal we propose this pair, simple and modern game. They are called ISIBEAU, an indispensable decorative detail.

Maisons Du Monde, ISIBEAUS 199 euros

Hyppie gifts

He BURIED jute footrest Multicolored, it is a low cost gift that works in functional environments. Made with materials such as woven, wood and natural fiber It is the perfect complement to place near a sofa and extend the relaxation sessions of the newlyweds. Two or three of them will form a beautiful composition.

Vackart, jute footrest 55 euros

Give away household items and decorate moments

For daily, at a dinner, a meeting or in unique moments, the crockery Zara Home is an adorable gift. One hundred percent crockery emerge from its shapes and textures in relief creating a vintage and elegant feeling at the most special tables. Possibly, a gift in which you will always be present.

Zara Home, crockery, approximately 230 euros

As you can see, there are many options to give away this spring, to do it directly from the web, taking into account the couple's decorative tastes. Spring is a season full of originality, so we think that colorful and different gifts to traditional They will be a success.

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