Trend in bathrooms; black faucets are all the rage (word of Pinterest)

The platform Pinterest has become a good thermometer to measure current trends, depending on the searches and the "pins" of the users. Alone This last month, searches for bathrooms with black faucets have increased by 40% which confirms this trend, as one of the most sought after.

Black faucets with a matt finish (mostly they are), they combine very well with all the trends of the moment.

In bathrooms with underground tiles or similar, black faucets reinforce their industrial character. In microcement finish bathrooms, the black faucet enhances the rustic effect and in marble bathrooms, the black one combines with the grain becoming an important decorative element.

Although gold or even white faucets are also rising, black faucets create a surprise effect and they go less unnoticed than the traditional chrome forming a more active part of the decoration. Therefore, putting black faucets can be a very effective way in case you do not want to take a risk with the decoration of the rest of the bathroom. You can be very bland, - neutral forgiveness, with the decoration of the rest of the bathroom (all white), that if you choose black faucets, your bathroom will have a lot of personality and a very current air.





Because not everything is white, black, gray or beige in the world of decoration. Creating contrasts with color and black is a success.

And attention to this last bathroom. It is one of the most "pinned" and that more times they will appear on the boards if you are looking for black faucets (because it happens to me), and it is a small work of art. The taps are part of the design where the black lines are a visual game. A memphis style softened by the soft color of the bathroom.

An advert. If you put the black faucet in the sink, the shower faucet must also be black. And if you think that the price shoots you if you choose this option, it will relieve you to know that it is not. Most suppliers already have their models in black, even in stores like (Leroy Merlin) you can find good options.

And you * what do you think about black faucets? Do you like this trend? Would you put them in your house? * Images via

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