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The HEXA robot helps the predetermined nature of the plants to survive in case of not being able to attend them

I am addressing those who do not have plants because they die and those who have plants and the holiday season has arrived, they do not know what to do with them, so that on their return they remain alive and healthy. The futuristic vision of Tianqi Sun founder of the Chinese robotics company Vincross, came to him when, his sunflower died. Hence the inspiration of the somewhat futuristic technological project to take care of a plant. A robot that shifts these creatures of nature into the light and maintains its irrigation.

Without getting into many depths it is curious and surprising how vegetation is the be alive deprived of freedom of movement. If the sunflower of Tianqui Sun had been able to capture the light, it would not have dried up and for that it would have needed to be able to move from place, since it was in the shade, although, thanks to this failure of care, the model was born HEXA. A arachnid shaped robot programmed to look for the light and turn the plant towards it using the leg movement.

HEXA in motion

Tianqui is the SEO of the robotic firm Vincross. Previously and with similar design created similar robots for other household tasks, such as MIND robot (mind), created in China in 2014, designed to program robotic skills in it. Have you considered that the MIND version is the one who dusts the plinths or picks up the book from the highest shelf in your house?

From the beginning of MIND until now a creative, striking and functional robot has been reached. It is actually the same MIND adapted on its top to contain a pot. As we see in the video it seems not to be very large, nor of much weight. HEXA technology cares about seek light to the plant and water it when your caregiver forgets to do so. Turn 360º and detect when the plant needs heat. Its price is 949 dollars, total about 816 euros, in the cheapest version.

MIND model before developing HEXA

The objective pursued by its creator is to facilitate the lives of millions of people and believes that someday they will change their lives. We know the Roomba model that sucks the floor lightening housework or smart pots that almost cook alone. In the case of HEXA, in the form of a small crab or spider, (available for purchase from the Vincross page) it gained its expectation after an article by The Verge (American technology medium).

The operation of HEXA is look for a sunny spot or artificial light enough for the plant. The robot stomp when you need watering and dance when you are happy. Speaking of a robot I do not see the sense of happiness, although it is programmed with light dances and clashes of its front legs to please to its owner. Well, futuristic Chinese technology has a bit of a headache, let's say it's like interacting mentally with the plant, as if it really was the one that moved alone and the robot played with its front legs becoming a half robotic pet unreal. A feeling that technological advances do not want to forget to give a more coherent sense to the interaction between robot and human.

Creativity has no end and whether we want it or not futuristic technology account more and more in our homes with auxiliary robots that improve our quality of life and that of plants. With HEXA needless to ask who will water the plants when you are on vacation. HEXA programming helps plants free themselves from their predetermined natural limitations.

What we do not know is if this movement will generate in the plants some type of deterioration in its leaves or in its internal system. At the moment the name of the project is "Share human technology with plants" and somehow make them walk, according to the personalized manipulation of the program. It seems nice, the case is, how would you feel watching this gadget walk inside your house? It gives a little repelús no?

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