Unconventional houses: a train car in Norfolk

Let's look a little inside this house built inside a old train car located in Norfolk, about thirty kilometers from London.

As in a small apartment the space is unified to accommodate all the essential elements, so it has been done in this case. Three rooms have been differentiated, bedroom, dining room and kitchen, distributed in a way that reminds one mini-loft.

Wood prevails throughout the construction, presenting two elements that attract attention and prepare a decoration in which there is no need to add anything else: the ceiling and the windows.

The entrance is located in the central part, at the height of the dining room. We wanted to take advantage of this outdoor area, adding a metal roof that turns it into a porch. Improvised steps with demolition pieces, serve as a step to enter this small world.

The facade perfectly preserves the look of yesteryear since the wood has been especially careful to preserve its original appearance. The wagon has been anchored to the ground building a concrete structure that supports it.

The short bedroom It has a marked romantic air thanks to the wrought iron bed and the old trunk. Unlike the outside, inside the wood has been painted in a raw tone, to visually expand the space, already scarce in itself. The roof captures all the attention thanks to the curved beams that cross it.

With just looking back we are already in the dining room, composed of a long table flanked by two austere wooden benches. Behind is the kitchen, separated by a small bar. The greenish color of its walls breaks the monotony of the apartment. Next to the window and as a focus of attention, a wooden silversmith keeps the dishes.

The windows are of great importance since they flood the interior with light, located on both sides, the sun enters throughout the day.

This car is not a permanent home. It is offered as Tourist accommodation and has been provided as a framework for several advertising campaigns. The decoration is so neutral that it is a good canvas to temporarily decorate it with the most varied styles.

The small house is located on an extensive estate that has tennis courts and a swimming pool. As you can see in this satellite image, its small size clearly contrasts with the large outdoor space it has.

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