Register in Decoesfera, now easier and faster

In Decoesphere we have just released, as in the rest of weblogssl blogs, a new system of alternative registration and complementary to what we already offered with OpenID. It is a standard registration system, with e-mail and password, so that all those who wish to register and / or identify you in a more conventional way can also do so, without having to go through OpenID.

For new users

Being a registered user of Decoesfera has many advantages, but if you have not yet had the opportunity to register, now you can simply do it with your e-mail and password, following these steps:

  • Access the registration / login page from the top right of the blog by clicking on “Enter”.

  • From there, enter the standard account registry by clicking on the left side of the page under "Create your user account".

  • Enter your access data (e-mail, password and username), and optionally a series of statistical data (date of birth, sex, zip code and country) that will help us to better understand our audience. Accept the privacy policy and click on the “End Registration” button.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email as a user in your email account, and to activate the account you will have to click on the link it contains.

  • Then we will give you the possibility to add a photograph and a description to your user page, so that the rest of the users of the community know you, and from that moment on you will be able to start participating in the community as a registered user.

From your user page you can change at any time, if you wish, both your email address and your password, from editing your profile on your user page.

For registered users

If you are already a registered user of Decoesfera you have two options: or continue accessing the blog with your OpenID account as you have been doing until now or, if you prefer and it is more convenient, register a standard account (with e-mail and password ) associated with your current account and user page, so that you can keep all the information (username, full name and description), activity (comments on posts, votes to posts and comments, lists of experts and followers) and the Karma associated with your current profile. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Access the registration / login page from the top right of the blog by clicking on “Enter”.

  • Identify yourself in Decoesfera with your current OpenID account on the right side of the page, entering your OpenID URL and selecting the option "No need, use OpenID" before pressing the "Enter" button.

  • Access your user page and click on the "Associate an account" button below the description.

  • Once there you will have to select the option “Associate a standard account with e-mail”, add the email account with which you would like to access the blog and press the button “Add this account” to associate it with your current user profile .

  • Then, since this email account is not yet registered, it will show you an error message in which you will be offered a link to register and associate with your current OpenID account.

  • You will then receive an activation email for that email account, and after clicking on the URL you will be able to access your profile on the blog with the email and password of the standard account as well.

That's it for now. We hope that this new standard registration system with e-mail and password will facilitate the experience for those who did not like the OpenID, and above all to encourage you to take part in the community of Decoesfera users, that we are all.

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