Casa Decor Madrid 2009. Single Home by Aplomo Interiores

Manolo Melón, Juan Romón, Karina de Miró, Silvia Teijeiro and Laura Huerta are the team members of Interior poise who has decorated the space Single home, on the first floor of Casa Decor.

A space in which different materials coexist harmoniously, which is neither too masculine nor too feminine, neither too classical nor too modern, but truly welcoming.

In fact, while I was taking notes of the details, two very young boys, with an avant-garde air and a group of ladies from a senior association, walked around. They were excited and they too, although some were a bit reluctant with the sink. Too small, the dishes don't fit right there. It's another concept, answered the accompanying guide.

At the entrance to the space we find a nod to the motto of Casa Decor this year: heading sustainable. Recycled materials and lots of wood, on the bench, on the walls and on the sliding door with iron fittings that leads us inside.

The bathroom, kitchen and bedroom areas coexist harmoniously in the single space of the single home. The bathroom, which we saw in the photograph above, mixes the old walls of the Luchana building, 22 with toilets and fittings of the latest trends. The Noken and L'Antic Colonial brands, both of Porcelanosa, have been chosen.

A blind made with a cloth Lizzo and a planter with bamboo lend intimacy to the room, which we can also close when necessary with the folding, recovered, iron and glass doors that go from floor to ceiling.

In this detail we appreciate again the mixture of materials and styles. In the oak floor, two different formats and colors and in the kitchen module the baroque silhouette houses the most modern appliances. We can not see it in the picture but on the module is installed, as a lamp, this wonderful extractor Elica We saw in Decoesfera.

A separator built in transparent glass hides the view of the kitchen from the bedroom, without subtracting a bit of light, while serving as a support for the TV screen. The headboard of the bed, dressed in Zara Home, is formed by wooden slats.

From it we can contemplate the views that the beautiful offers at different times of the day lookout, which equipped with a sofa that follows its same silhouette and with soft cushions invites us to enjoy a well-deserved rest. Although, the truth is, I like it so much that I don't know whether to live here.

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