Decorating for restless children

When a child is very small, it is the parents who they have to choose the type of decoration What will be in their rooms. The eternal dilemma bears / robots overwhelms the first-time parents (moreover, they have come to see cases of dilemma animals / little houses, I do not tell you more), but the truth is that as they grow, this dilemma dissolves into another major, that appears more or less when the crib is supplanted by a bed. That is the time to ask them for the first time how they want their bedroom to be, always with the limitations of space and budget that accompany all normal families.

In the case we see in the picture, we have Caleb, a restless nature child, who, at first glance, likes to climb. On the left wall there are some typical climbing wall handles They are very colorful and nothing comfortable to climb (someone who has tried them on different occasions tells you).

On the bed, have achieved a extra space It could have been used as a bunk but instead is a more integrated game corner in the rest of the bedroom. I like the paper they have put on the wall, vintage and with an op art print that I love.

I don't like him much rusty look of some of the metal bars that cross this space, and I don't know to what extent it is an intentional detail. If I had a child, the first thing that would come to mind would be the word "tetanus," and I would run to paint them, sand them or disinfect them in some way.

Finally, I want to highlight the great detail of the bar in the middle of the room. Although it does not fulfill any decorative function, it does have an important playful function since the child can climb and slide as many times as he wishes. Of course, placed in the center of the room we make sure that it does not fall from very high, but only from the height that it can climb.

It shows that the boy has collaborated in the decoration since it is not all structured in the way we think adults, but all muddled and wanting to put everything at once. And the truth is that it looks great. If you ask me what detail I like the least, I would point to the patchwork quilt that only disassociates a rather striking image on the other hand.

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