Dan's desk by Gossip Girl

In Decoesfera you know that we have a special love for the sets of movies and series, those worlds more or less full of glamor in which our favorite characters move. My last obsession is the series Gossip Girl and you would be amazed to know in what short time I have left the first whole season.

Today I bring you the desk of Dan humphrey, the Lonely Boy in love since time immemorial of Serena van der Woodsen. In the series, Dan lives in a very cool loft in Brooklin and today we are going to see carefully where he studies. Dan's room, like the rest of the house, has exposed brick walls. It enters a lot of light both coming from the window and from this translucent glass wall that we see works like the wall in front of your desk. He desk is vintage, with the appearance of even having been picked up from the street or having been inherited from their parents and combine the wood of the table with the white lacquered drawers. I like the detail of the handles that seem to have been purchased later to give a feeling of "updating" to this furniture.

On the desk we see many books, which are one of the most present elements in this boy's bedroom (in fact on the bed he has a bookcase with tons of them) stacked. The desktop game looks like being the type sold in Muji, simple and probably made of recycled cardboard. I particularly like the detail of the bolus on the table that gives a very nice touch to the whole.

Finally, let's see the upholstered chair in something similar to red skin, with arms, looking to be very ergonomic and comfortable. This is one of the most important points that you have to take into account when creating a place of study and it is not to skimp on the chair, since it is where the students spend more time (or the workers for whom you do it from House).

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