A table for narrow terraces

For those who, instead of terrace, we have a narrow balcony It is quite difficult to sit down to have a drink to enjoy the cool, more if it is in the company of friends. There are some good solutions, such as those we have seen in Decoesfera based mainly on tables formed by shelves hanging from the railing, but the one that our reader Manolo Valera has sent us is also pretty and cheap.

For some time my sister was looking for a garden table for her balcony; All the stores I visited were too wide, the ideal width for the table would be 50 or 60 cm. One day in Leroy Merlin I saw that they were selling wooden tiles for the garden floor, so it occurred to me to buy 2 units of those tiles and 4 legs of the cheapest ones they had.

To join the tiles Manolo used two wooden slats nailed longitudinally and to make sure that they would not separate, he secured them underneath by screwing metal sheets.

The whole set cost me about € 40 including tiles, legs (€ 3.20 each), wooden slats, leg screws and nails.

The result, in sight, is a nice and cheap table to have a soda in a comfortable way. Thanks to Manolo for sharing it with us. And you know, if you also feel equally generous you can send your work and your photos to editors @ decoesfera.com. We will love to see you here.

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