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Decorative gifts for this Christmas: the most exclusive

In Decoesfera we always look for cheap gift options, decorate, and solve. But what the fuck! It's Christmas and at Christmas we like to dream with the nose attached to the shop windows. We are going to make a small trip of luxury through the most exclusive showcases, to open our mouths wide open to see the most opulent decorative gifts, and feel as full of luxury as our Embelezzia companions, if only for a few moments.

The first showcase on which we leave the fog of our breath, is that of Becara, in which we come across a cooler and ice cube set in silver and bamboo, ready to serve good drinks. Both gifts have the same price, 170 euros, which together leave the joke at 340 euros.

We follow the walk and find a sober and columnar silver candlestick worth 125 euros. A Venetian mirror returns our image while we review the nervous label: 295 euros for a tall gift. And an object with no other function than merely ornamental: a blue and white tibor flower set, its price, 394 euros.

We left the store and after a good traffic jam we reached Portobello Street, fresh and determined to browse among the most valuable objects. We try to walk with aristocratic behavior, but I am very afraid that we see the duster ... it does not matter, the blood freezes when we see a magnificent mirror, the 20th Century Gold model, of incredible figure and with a golden tone that conquers us without conditions . They are 1624 euros of nothing.

With many birds fluttering through our heads, we keep browsing in the store, and another little jewel catches our attention again, the little one Jackson vintage fridge. We had already seen this collection some time ago by Eunice, but this model is a novelty, small and flirtatious, but expensive as he alone, 2466 euros. And we have not loose ...

We decided to go home and look for a seat and rest, in the most literal sense of the word, since, connected to the Internet, we found a Christopher Guy luxury armchair, hand carved in wood and upholstered in white, which stands out for its rounded shapes and its small sided backrest, which make it a unique piece. It really is a piece of furniture that does not seem too comfortable for long stays, but as a footwear or receiver piece, it brings a unique character. And how much is this fruslería worth? 1450 euros of the wing.

Awake from sleep with a strange aftertaste, I think I have touched and admired some decorative gifts that I will never have in my hands or populate my house. Such are intense dreams, you seem to have touched, felt, kissed and in the end, when you open your eyes, your life remains the same; and in this case and luckily, the pocket is still intact.


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Decoesfera drawer

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