Black ground Why not?

Choosing the floor is one of the most important and complicated things in the process of decorating our home. The reason is twofold; first because it is something that we cannot easily change a posteriori, as we can change some curtains that bore us, and second because it is something that directly affects the perception of space, to the sensations that are perceived and also to the comfort of everyday life.

It is not the same to have a warm wooden floor than a cold marble, just as a light floor is different from a dark one, which is where I wanted to arrive. Usually people shy away from placing dark floors, always opting for medium tones. The reason is simple, it is a safe bet, which will allow us to modify the decoration later and that it will also be a “suffered” floor, that is, the dirt is not noticeable.

The problem is that this decision will deprive us of being able to have a house with more personality, like the one illustrated in this post. So I wonder; black ground Why not?

Decorate with black soil is not easy. Unlike white, its visual presence conditions the rest of the elements a lot, so I will try to give you some advice if you dare.

First, white walls and ceilings, which will enhance the feeling of spaciousness by contrast with the black ground plane. We can afford some impact wall with some texture like that of the images, but always in light tones.

It is also important limit the color range of furniture and accessories. For furniture it is best to opt for white and black, with touches of some wood preferably not very dark.

With the complements we can play a little with the colors, but never more than two or three, and always very intense. Black does not accept half measures, so nothing pastel; green, red, orange, purple, violet, yellow, trying to avoid bluish tones that do not go too much.

Another good idea is use light carpets to create spaces differentiated from the rest and that slightly reduce the presence of black. And it is not convenient to forget the importance of light; the black absorbs the entire spectrum of the sun's rays, so we must compensate for that loss of luminosity with clear and very translucent curtains, we don't want our house to be dreary.

Those are the things that I had in mind when decorating my house with a dark chocolate floor and I am very happy with the result, of course it is my house and my tastes.

And you, Would you put a black floor in your houses?

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