Open doors: a dream house in Santa Monica

It is evident that with a house like this one of the architect Steven Kent decorate and succeed with the decoration is much easier than in more normal homes, it is a dream house in Santa Monica, with a beautiful pool to which all rooms with large windows are oriented. Virtually since pool The whole house is in sight.

That makes the house very brightIn addition, the spaces are large and the shape of the rooms is perfect for placing furniture is a simple and comforting task. It is a house designed for relaxation and comfort, a beautiful living room with several rooms, a giant sized bedroom, a bathroom almost as large as my living room ... Let's discover some details.

We start with the living room, as I said, it is divided into several environments, first this area of white sofas which is the meeting area, two large facing sofas on which to sit and chat, next to the fireplace, the wooden floor brings the warmth that contrasts with the white walls and furniture, all of them low, to allow the free movement of the light.


In the background we see a library furniture that leads to the area of audiovisual, the plasma TV is in a special area for him, when we want to watch movies or sports, we do not need outside natural light, but quite the opposite, so that area is separated from the windows by a partition and is illuminated artificially.

Darker furniture and more suffered tones in this small movie theater, highlights the wall decorated with the image of the portraits of Marilyn Monroe made by Andy Warhol in pop art style, which are undoubtedly a safe bet, that bring color, joy and elegance and that look good almost in any room.

But the living room does not end there, on the other side of the white sofas we have the area of dinning room, which separates the living room from the kitchen, in reality it is a unique space, but very large, enough to be able to include in it four environments so well differentiated.

The dining room and kitchen have a very simple appearance. He dinning room consists only of a large table In chocolate color with matching chairs. The fact that the house is so light and bright and that it is painted in white, makes you need some dark furniture to maintain a warm atmosphere.

The furniture of storage they do not look but there are, they are as embedded in the wall, their doors are white and therefore go unnoticed, they seem to be the continuation of the living room wall, but when we reach the kitchen area, if we look closely we will see the doors .

It also appears in the kitchen the steel, both in the extractor hood that is on the central island, as in the appliances, also in the stools of the small high table that we have in the corner of the island that we see on the left.

Within the elegance that dominates throughout the house, the kitchen seems quite functionalThere are others that look more like being ornate, this looks like a kitchen in which one could comfortably prepare enough dishes, there is enough space to work comfortably, my only doubt is the floor, I don't think a ground Wood is the most practical in a kitchen with a lot of use.

And we reach the most intimate areas of the house, the bedroom and the bathroom, the bedroom is great, I love the large bedrooms, and in terms of decoration I would highlight the detail of the reading corner created from the maroon armchair to match your footstool, with those views of the pool should be lovely .

A pity that the dressing room, I bet it will also be to keep your mouth open, it also gives the impression that the bedroom has direct access to a terrace, although it does not seem that it is furnished, the one used is the one that lives up to the Ground floor when leaving the room, right next to the pool.

Finally the bathroom he looks very big with his two washbasins, so that there are no fights early in the morning, a simple decoration, but you do not need more, the balance of the whole house is almost perfect, there are no big strides it is a very natural decoration, based mainly on the integration of exterior and interior.

If you look we will see a good number of flowers and plants giving life to every corner and the detail of the illumination, the built-in halogens in all rooms, will be at night like small stars seen from the pool, in general, it seems a really curious effect, I love it, to see what you think.

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