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Cool sleeping tips without air conditioning

Although this year is not one of the hottest, my neighbor below sleeps every night with the air conditioning on. It doesn't sound very strong but it's just enough to unveil light sleepers like me. The truth is that I think that with a maximum of 30 degrees during the day that we are having in July it is not necessary to put it but since I write in Decoesfera I want to take advantage to propose several cool sleeping tips without need to put the air conditioning.

  • Uses cotton sheets 100%, which allow greater perspiration and do not give much heat. Forget about the blends in the bedding fabrics that will make you sweat more.
  • Sleep with a water container Close and wet your feet when you are very hot at night. In this way you will be able to lower the body temperature quickly and increase the humidity in the bedroom (great for people who live far from the sea as is my case). You can also use wet towels to reduce heat to the hottest parts of your body such as back or forehead.

  • Leave the open windows during the night to let the street cool. Try to open another window in front of your room so that the air can circulate. Here it is best to avoid curtains.

  • Sleep with a loose pajamas, if possible also of cotton, or without pajamas (I know this is not a decorative solution but I had to include it.

Do you have other tips for sleep all night without heat? I am sure that many of you live in the hottest areas in summer and have a lot of information to share with others.

Video: 12 Ways to Escape the Heat If You Dont Have an Air Conditioner (January 2020).

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Decoesfera drawer

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