Cushions with positive messages or ... coaching applied to decoration?

To some extent we all agree that positive messages They are good to face the day to day and I say to some extent, because in my view, it depends on the messages, it depends on the way chosen to transmit them and it depends on their quantity. It is not good to abuse anything, not even beautiful phrases, because they become boring and lose their value, that happens a bit on social networks, where sometimes some saturate with these types of messages.

But in decor, well applied, the idea does not seem bad, the text It has always had its place in homes, not as much as the images, but it has also been used to decorate walls, with murals, framed pictures ... Now thanks to digital prints, it is also incorporated into fabrics with many styles and great quality, write pretty phrases in add-ons like cushions, it may be helpful for our good to be, something like the coaching Applied to decoration.

It's about everyone being surrounded by posts that transmit strength or positive energy, there are many to choose from and of course we always have the option of personalize, you can also place the message in another format that is a cushion, a slate furniture for example, some will love the idea, others may find it a pastry and I horrified them, I like it, but as something temporary, maybe I vote more for the idea of blackboard... although a cushion can also be turned around.

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