Before and after: a bathroom kit turned into a shelf for spices

At bathroom there is a very typical piece of furniture that is not usually missing and is the medicine cabinet or small closet It is placed on the sink and usually has a mirror door or a mirror in the central part and side doors ... Well, there are many different models, but you see how it is the image, somewhat rustic and with the mirror in the center, the case is that for the new owners of the house in which it was it does not fit in the new set.

So they have looked for another utility and it seemed like a great idea, they have turned it into a spice rack and they have taken it to the kitchen and that can be done with this and in general with almost all the bathroom wall kits, although they have different shapes, all have low-depth shelves inside, so their storage capacity is limited, but for spices they are perfect .

The procedure for change has consisted of the following, first the door has been removedI do not know what they have taken advantage of, because I do not think they have thrown that door is beautiful even if it is used as an independent mirror, many would love to get rid of it would be a shame.

The fact is that for the new shelf it has no use, so once the shelf has been left in the air it has proceeded to paint the shelves with a hand of white paint, they could have chosen any other color, but its wall is dark and the white stands out well on it, also in that color they have other furniture that the grocer will match.

Finally after painting and drying, they have hung in the kitchen in an area in sight and have placed in it several cans of spices and condiments for cooking, the result is excellent, it seems that the furniture has been made on purpose for that, nobody would say that in a previous life it was a medicine cabinet with a mirror.

The fact is that before we get rid of a piece of furniture that we do not like in the place where it is placed and with the use for which it is intended, we must assess whether there is some other alternative For him, change is often not difficult and the result is excellent, in addition to the savings of taking advantage of old furniture and not having to buy everything new.

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