Hang pictures on the doors Good or bad idea?

In view of the second image that illustrates the post, I would say that hang pictures on the doors I find it very ugly and inappropriate, but considering that in some of the doors of my house I have a small square and a small board, I better shut up. Of course, the best of places to put a picture is a clear wall in which I stand out, but in Decoesfera we are playful and we like to experiment, so we propose you to get a bit of a crap out of stingy visits with a touch of originality.

All can be pretty or ugly, tacky or refined Depending on taste and opportunity. In the photograph that we comment we see how they have made a big mistake, and that is that the painting occupies a large space in the door, and presumably it is hung over it in the traditional way, which becomes a nuisance at the time of opening and close the door, it will move and cause annoying noises.

Another of the mistakes that make this seem like a bad idea, is that the design of the door has not been taken into account, which has four soffits: two elongated at the top, and two smaller ones at the bottom. The painting has been placed on the two upper panels, hiding a large part of them, but leaving them protruding at the ends of the painting, which does not make it stand out properly, and looks like an inflatable stick.

How to place pictures on doors successfully

However, you can place pictures on the doors without giving such a bad impression, you just have to balance volumes and not insist on a specific piece that does not have good fit. For this need small boxes are more suitable, which can give an orientation on the use of the room, indicating for example, that it is a bathroom or a kitchen, with allegorical motifs, or simply, small pieces that deserve to be exposed in an unusual way.

You have to be careful when hanging them, since you use alcayatas and females It is disaster guarantee. If we place a painting on a door using this anchoring mode, we will ensure that with each movement the canvas moves, makes noise and deteriorates both the piece and the door. The solution is to ensure good support, something that can be achieved with a plastic velcro system (much better than textile velcro) with an adhesive face, taking the right measures and following the manufacturer's instructions for placement.

We will place the velcro covering the four corners of the frame at the back, to ensure that the frame does not move with the normal swinging of the door, and we will take into account that sometimes these are exposed to sudden movements, for example, with air currents, so we will avoid placing those frames that have a great value or are covered with glass sheets.

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