Seletti's hybrid tableware

No one escapes that the mix of styles It is one of the most recurring trends in the current decoration. What used to be seen as inappropriate is now a rising value if what you want is to have a modern house. This applies not only for furniture but also for accessories or, as in this case, for crockery. No one doubts today in mixing household items of different origin or style when composing the table.

The Italian firm Seletti goes one step further and proposes the mix of styles not only between different pieces, but in the same piece, as can be seen in the photograph. His collection "Hybrid" formed by plates, cups, salad bowls, etc., of porcelain, plays with the concept of hybridization by dividing, for example, a plate into two halves and giving each of them a universally recognizable design: the typical of the Chinese porcelain on the one hand, next to the classic hunting scenes of the English dinnerware, for just an example

Take advantage of the next Christmas holidays to impact your guests with the Seletti hybrid tableware. If what you want is to contribute a plus of originality to your table during these days, do not hesitate. Of course, my advice is that the tablecloth is white or of a color as faint as possible, if you do not run the risk of reducing the prominence of the kitchenware or that the table is very ornate.

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