We give you the keys to the style of the house of Sanem, the protagonist of the successful series Erkenci Kus

The house of the protagonist of the Turkish series Erkenci Kus who triumphs in Divinity is fresh, youthful and as trendy as she.

And it is that among my confessable vices is having "hooked" to this Turkish series in one of his "dream Sundays", or what is the same, a Sunday in which they put all the episodes of the series broadcast to catch new followers. And they got it with me.

Possibly his tone of light comedy and aesthetics They were to blame for "hooking" me to the series (well, maybe their male protagonist was also a bit guilty). But if you are not among his followers, I tell you that it is a soap opera that complies with the basic principles of good and poor girl in love with a rich boy, but otherwise, it is quite far from the South American soap opera prototype. This series is less intense and more "naive". In fact I would say that it is suitable for all audiences.

The series features two faces of Istanbul. One full of young, modern and beautiful people and another more traditional, the neighborhood of the family of the protagonist.

This contrast also occurs between houses and neighborhoods. I am particularly a fan of the facades of happy colors of the protagonist's neighborhood which contrast with the richest areas of the city, where they have designer interiors that you can find in any city in the world.

Among all these houses, it is worth noting the house of the protagonist, Sanem that after many chapters and a great triumph as a writer she has become independent from her parents leaving the neighborhood of colored houses by a beautiful house near the countryside.

A very "she" house. That perfectly marries her personality as a dreamy, free and nature-loving woman, especially of plants and birds, (with that strange obsession with albatrosses)


The exterior of the house is one of the relevant ones of the house. The wild garden includes a beautiful colorful booth (Neighborhood morriña?), where the protagonist works with her plants and her perfumes. The mixture and abundance of plants gives a nice result, like a wild garden but habitable with a part of furniture to be and others (that blue hammock) to fence.

A detail: the cages for the birds. If the theme of the series are the birds, there could be a reference to them in the garden.


It has a good balance. It is youthful and cheerful without falling into the ostentation of rich again, (if it were an American soap opera I would have given them out there).

Most notable is the opening of the entire room to the garden through the large windows, so that the boundaries between inside and outside are lost.

The blue tones are the protagonists of the whole house and also in this space. The turquoise of the chairs and the brushstrokes of blue in cushions and carpets give the speck of color on a white base with details as trending as the rattan sofa.


A kitchen open to the living room through a large island that separates the two spaces.

A space with a lot of personality in which there are no cabinets superior to the use but these are replaced by shelves and shelves and in which the commitment to wood and black appliances, which gives an unusual force to this space.

Of course we cannot forget the island, which has been painted with decorative paint and that almost reproduces the exterior in the kitchen, with the blue sky and some birds flying among the tree branches.


In blue tones, a headboard with very high gray fabric stands out that puts the serious touch to the relaxed blue atmosphere.


Because almost the best of the house is its consistent and as always its level of current trends. So much that it seems that it was filmed yesterday because both in fashion and in decoration it follows the trends in detail. In addition, her already commented lack of ostentation makes her truly inspiring.

Another consequence of watching the series is that after laughing you also want to drink a lot of tea in your Turkish cups. But not those colored with stars and moon that seem to be only intended for tourists.

I mean the glass cups for the tea they drink without stopping.

And we don't forget about Turkish tea glasses. Because another of the consequences of watching the series is that later you want to drink a lot of tea in their glass cups. But not those colored with stars and moon that seem to be only intended for tourists. We refer to those of guitar form, with plate included. This is for the most fans, fans (super fan level)

Video: Spiritual Warfare--"I Will Give You the Keys" (March 2020).

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