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Ikea 2020 catalog: we show you all the news in salons

With the end of summer, the IKEA 2020 catalog will arrive on time to our homes. But while we wait for that moment, we can show you what's new in the next year's catalog of the Swedish multinational.

To open our mouths, today we begin to unravel the news of salons that appear in the 2020 IKEA catalog

Sustainable materials

Sustainable materials are here to stay. And among the novelties of IKEA we have this beautiful rattan armchair.

ULRIKSBERG rattan and steel armchair


In the new IKEA 2020 catalog it brings us many novelties in shelves and modules in different styles to store your books and your most precious decorative objects.

BERGSHULT / PERSHULT wall shelf combination FLISAT, dollhouse / bookshelf SVENSHULT shelf with storage EKET wall shelf

TV furniture, cabinets and showcases

Straight lines with neutral colors, in color, with transparent doors ... the design is imposed on the novelties of television furniture, cabinets and showcases for this season.

HAVSTA cabinet with door combination BESTÅ storage with drawers BESTÅ TV cabinet with doors and BESTÅ display cabinet BESTÅ combination of cabinets NIKKEBY chest of 4 drawers

Textile news

If you are one of those who believe in the power of textiles to change a space, the carpets and other textiles in the new IKEA catalog will catch you.

TRANGET carpet VIGDIS cushion cover VONSBÄK carpet

Technology in the classroom

Among the novelties, could not miss any element linked to technology. One of the stars of the new catalog will be this practical wireless charger that goes completely unnoticed among the rest of the decoration.

NORDMÄRKE wireless charger

Pots to give the green touch to the house

How important it is to put nature at home. And to do so, IKEA presents us with new features such as this pot, or this support to fill your home with plants.

UPPVAKTA flower pot KRYDDPEPPAR plant support, indoor / outdoor


In pink, in industrial style, with a modern cut… IKEA's new catalog brings numerous lighting proposals to finish creating that atmosphere you are looking for for your home.

NYMÖ lamp shade TERTIAL working flexo lamp SYMFONISK table lamp with wif speaker

To sit down

Chairs, wing chairs, sofa beds with storage, or with an auxiliary table… Simply take the measurements of your living room, and stop by an IKEA store to sit and try which one you are most comfortable with.

KARLJAN red chair STRANDMON wing chair FLOTTEBO sofa bed with side table FRIHETEN corner sofa bed with storage

Deco accessories

A house with undecorated walls, like an incomplete house. And the new IKEA 2020 catalog presents several options to fill the walls of our home with life.

EDSBRUK black frame BJÖRKSTA picture

Video: 2019 Dethleffs Coco Caravan Production Version at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2018 (January 2020).

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