Ikea 2020 catalog: 23 novelties to decorate a very personal bedroom

We continue our tour of the Ikea 2020 catalog, today with the analysis of the novelties for bedrooms. In addition to the really new products there are several environment ideas that we have loved, such as how to integrate work or study corners in the room and the ideas to incorporate furniture and accessories of newborn.

All the bedrooms that propose in the different styles and for different family models incorporate pieces from the Ikea collections of other years, but there are also many news from the Ikea 2020 catalog.

What's new in storage solutions

Table with wheels and storage LUBBAN

The storage solutions proposed by the Ikea catalog for the bedroom, they are multiple and varied. From closets and organizers for its interior, to bedside tables, through accessories of all kinds.

PAX wardrobe Combination of structure with grid baskets and JONAXEL bars

Count on well organized closets It is essential to achieve maximum comfort in the bedroom and the baskets and bars can help in that regard.


But in addition to cabinets we also find more solutions versatile Like carts with wheels.

Bed combination with PLATSA storage

And solutions for small bedrooms how to incorporate the storage shelves in the bed itself.

SYVDE glass door cabinet

As you can see, among the novelties for storage in the bedroom Especially stand out the closet compositions. In the catalog, there are two others besides those that can be seen in the images of this article.

Donkey for clothes NIKKEBY

And I could not miss a donkey for clothes that have become so fashionable in recent times.

Novelties in lighting

KNIXHULT ceiling lamp

Lighting is essential in all rooms of the house, including bedroom, and the new catalog proposes as a novelty the ceiling light KNIXHULT especially for him.

New in beds

Upholstered bed frame SLATTUM

The Ikea 2020 catalog also incorporates two new bed structures, one of which, the upholstery, can be seen in the photo on these lines.

Decorative elements for the wall


Decorate the wall It is essential to define the style, in that sense among the novelties of the catalog we find Mirrors like LANGESUND and a wonderful transparent shelf for picture named MELLÖSA.

MELLÖSA picture shelf

Textile accessories

SKUGGBRÄCKA Duvet Cover and Pillowcases

Three are the matching duvet covers with pillowcases that we can find as a novelty in the Ikea 2020 catalog, triumphing in them the neutral and sober colors with the exception of the game that you can see in the photo on these lines. And among the textile accessories also highlights the VIGDIS cushion in the image under these lines.

VIGDIS cushion cover

Vases and other details

Vases and vases GRADVIS

The new Ikea catalog also pays special attention to flowers as a decorative element in the bedroom and therefore includes three models of vases and vases to decorate. The GRADVIS model can be seen in the photo on these lines.

Wi-Fi bookends speaker (collaboration with SONOS) SYMFONISK

And we close with the most technological, the SYMFONISK speaker with Wi-Fi connection that Ikea launches in collaboration with SONOS and that you can see on the bedside table of the environment image on these lines.

Video: Interactive FUrniTURE - Evaluation of Smart Interactive Textile Interfaces for Home Environments (January 2020).

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