Ikea 2020 catalog: fall in love with all the novelties for the kitchen

As every year, the arrival of new Ikea 2020 catalog It is a moment that we all hope to marvel at our eyes with the novelties proposed by the Swedish furniture and decoration house. As always, it is a pleasure to bring you a summary of all these developments as we have already been able to meet those for salons that are fantastic. If we are interested in renovating or making any improvement to our interior decoration at home or simply buying a new piece of furniture this could be a good time.

Today I propose that we discover what they are the new proposals for the kitchen that will make us fall in love throughout 2020. Ikea has always seemed to me a company that navigates between the traditional and the most interesting news. We could say that in its catalogs we find a bit of everything for all tastes and that makes it quite attractive. Today we will take a tour of the novelties for the kitchen as furniture, color trends, utensils and storage solutions. All the great IKEA classics that you love so much.

Novelties in furniture with dark tones

Metod kitchen cabinet

The first thing that surprised me in these new proposals of the Ikea 2020 catalog for the kitchen is the determined presence of furniture with classic design and dark colors which seem quite elegant and very functional, as always with Ikea.

Ingatorp folding leaf table

I loved for example the Metod kitchen cabinet together with the combination of Bobdyn drawers and other modules in dark green.

Kungsbacka drawer set

You can also use a set with Kungsbacka drawers in black, for a more modern look that will be a success for many.

Vadholma Island

In a more modern, but always dark tone, we can find some interesting proposals such as the Ingatorp folding table or the Vadholma island painted black with oak top layer, a perfect alternative with a lot of style.

Organic color trends

Cool effect doors in light tone Askersund

If, as we have seen with furniture, dark colors are always the order of the day for the kitchen, I liked to see the presence of more organic proposals with light colors, warm that allow us to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Nilsove chair with armrests

Always using the Metod cabinets as a base, Ikea does not propose to use the cool effect doors in a light tone Askersund That will give the kitchen a lot of clarity.

Tornviken Island

You can accompany them from the Tornviken Island Painted in light beige with the upper layer of oak equally clear.

Mörbylânga table

I also loved the combination of the Mörbylânga table with the most modern chairs in light tone Odger. Skymningen ceiling lamps will give you the perfect finishing touch.

PS 2012 kitchen table

Another organic and modern idea at the same time is the kitchen table PS2012 with folding leaves and bamboo cover while the base is made of clear aluminum. Simple and very effective for a kitchen without major complications.

All utensils and dishes

Gamman cutlery set with 24 pieces

Part of the kitchen universe also lies in the Utensils, crockery and everything related to good eating and drinking. In this new Ikea 2020 catalog we have been struck by some quite nice products such as the set of Gamman cutlery set with 24 pieces which includes forks, knives, spoons and teaspoons.

Flitighet tableware

Also the Flitighet tableware It is a classic of the Ikea design that remains from the previous catalog, but with a price reduction that can be interesting, you have to take advantage of it.

Seven-piece pot, pan, and pan combo

As for utensils, it stands out in a seven-piece pot, pan and casserole combo for about 50 euros that are particularly resistant since they are made of stainless steel and they are also part of the classics that we will always find.

Senior lidded pot

We finish with the Senior piece, a pot with lid I love it made of cast iron and enameled with a capacity of five liters. To my liking, and in a totally subjective way, it is the best piece of the whole kitchen.

Storage solutions

Storage solutions

We could not finish the presentation of the kitchen novelties of the Ikea 2020 catalog without talking about the storage solutions which have become over the years a "marque de fabrique" of the Swedish group.

Räskog cart in dark color

Once again we find options like the Räskog cart in dark color and takes up the trend we have already seen in terms of furniture for this season. Its powder coated steel composition makes it resistant and attractive to the touch.

Tornviken dish shelves

I have also liked the dish shelves like the Tornviken model in a light tone that recovers the same range of organic colors as the island of the same name that we have seen before. It is a different and more informal way than keeping dishes.

Kungsfors rail

If you like having your utensils always in sight (I don't like it, but who cares?) Kungsfors rail It is what you need. You can have in the same space a rail with shelf, dish drainer and wall grill. With a stained ash finish, the wall structure is made of stainless steel typical of Ikea.

Video: Experiments in Induction Cooking (January 2020).

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