Among the novelties of Ikea for this autumn season we have selected the ten most irresistible

Among all the news from the catalog and the Ikea store We have selected the ones that by design, price or functionality seem most relevant to us. Those that are easy to be your next best seller.

Most of these news are included in its new catalog, others are recent news as its Vilme sofa, which by design, price and double function (it is a sofa bed) promises to be a successful model. We also loved your new Eket shelving system, that does not come to replace the Besta but to live with him, offering us many more possibilities. Especially in spaces as difficult as the entrance or hall.

In the kitchen, we already anticipated that Senior iron cookware set for traditional cooking It is one of our favorites this season.

Here we go with our predictions of the most successful pieces of Ikea for this fall:


Of straight and discreet lines and available in several colors and above all, with many customization possibilities (with headrest, with chaise lounge, with or without armrests ...) Ikea's new Vilme sofa also convertible into a comfortable bed It is a good option as two in one.

  • Ikea 3 seater sofa bed Gunnared 1.018€

He Eket system To compose console furniture, TV furniture or shelves promises to be another bestseller. Its low depth (35 centimeters) means that it can be incorporated as a console or sideboard in small places such as the entrance.

  • Eket composable system, drawer module 70x35x35 cm from 85€

Easy, original and white and gold finish. He Svenshulte shelf It will help you show off your most precious books and goods.

  • Svenshulte 60 x 20 cms golden shelf 12€


Wicker and rattan is the trend that has invaded the interiors, so that we have a warm and fresh house all year. With the rattan chair Nilsove for the dining room you will get it effortlessly.

  • Chair with white rattan cushion Nilsove / norna 85€


We chose the Senior cast iron cookware set because of its design and functionality. Because traditional cuisine returns, without haste and over low heat where flavor is important.

  • Pot with lid Senior white bone 3 l 44,99€
  • Pot with lid lid white bone 5 l 49,99€

He also supports the tablet, or mobile phone to follow your recipes easily, leaving the countertop free (the space is never left over when you are with your hands in the dough).

  • Stainless steel tablet holder Kungsfors 26 x 12 cms 8 €

A wooden panel in the kitchen to have everything at hand in the minimum space. A complete designed for small kitchens How much in need of these good solutions.

  • Perforated wooden board Skadis 36 x 56 cms 9 €

For the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom the Nissafors car. Another versatile cart that promises to be a success like Raskog.

  • Nissafors black cart 29,99 €


A very well designed donkey because in its small space you can hang long or short clothes and place shoes or sweaters on its two shelves

  • Donkey for gray-green or red clothes 49€

A bedside table / cart with two practical shelves. Also suitable as an auxiliary table.

  • Table with wheels and storage, rattan, anthracite 59€

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