Zara Home is determined to live like in the house of the town thanks to the textures and natural finishes of its new products

This autumn-winter season the environments of the new catalog of Zara Home are 100% natural and without decorative stridencies. They are so natural that they transport you without realizing it to a village house or a cabin in the mountains.

Its rough untreated fabric bedspreads, (from sheared to your bed) looks like old bedspreads. Like those of the houses of the village of the farmers or workers of the 40s - 50s, not that of the gentlemen, which at this stage already made use of silks and satins.

For its finishes and the warmth of the fabrics it is the perfect collection to complete a house in the mountains or the countryside.

The effect of this collection on an urban floor can be a wonderful contradiction.

Because the collection seems fresh from the mountain house of Heidi's grandfather.

The freshly carved stools, the wonderful earthenware cups that mimic the most rustic metal cups, or the irregularly finished jugs, where it seems unlikely that there are two equal ones.

I am with Zara home. Now, no. Here there is no place for glitter or gold, that we are honest and hardworking people and the gold, that the gentlemen keep.

  • Zara Home Contrast striped rug 150 x 200 cms 299,00 €
  • Zara Home Striped cotton bedspread 99,99 €
  • Zara Home Natural fiber cushion cover 15,99 €
  • Zara Home. Square base rattan basket 39,99 €
  • Zara Home. Braided fiber tray with metal structure valid for wall 39,99 €
  • Zara Home. 2020 year agenda 17,99 €
  • Zara Home. Vase texture 25,99 €
  • Zara Home. Mug porcelona (imitation metal cups) 3,99 €

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